arathy gopalakrishnan
arathy gopalakrishnan

How to get google Ad Sense approval with a new blog(within few days!)


AdSense is the highest paying Ad network.  It’s the dream of every blogger to get their blog AdSense approved. You can make a huge amount from AdSense, if your site or blog has good traffic. Some people even make their full-time income from AdSense. But guys this isn’t an easy task! It’s a bit hard. In 2018, AdSense has introduced some strict rules and requirements.

In this Article I will be explaining to you all the tricks I used to get my blog Ad Sense approved within 4 days.  Firstly, let me tell you about my blog details.

Domain name:

Hosting Provider: Go daddy

Website Builder: WordPress

Theme: Shamrock

Age: My Blog is just 4 weeks old now

Number of Posts: 7

arathy gopalakrishnan
arathy gopalakrishnan

Steps to Be Followed:

1.Choose a Primary Domain

Always choose a primary or custom domain for Creating your blog. Example don’t choose free domains like  Prefer Primary domain, (

This helps AdSense editorial to recognize your domain ownership. You can purchase a domain from for just 750 Rupees or less per year.

Using a primary domain always makes your blog appear a bit more professional. And also, one more thing to be noted , .com extension is the best.

2.Select the Best niche for your Blog:

I have seen many people writing so many things on their blogs. Please don’t do that. Don’t mix all your passion into one blog!

Focus on one or maximum two sections. Learn deep and be an expert in that. There are few special Niches that has a great demand and choosing them helps you get AdSense approved quickly.

Advertisers pay a good amount to google to display their ads on such selected niches.  If you wish to know about the most profitable niches for AdSense, refer here.

3.Number of Posts

I have read so many articles that there should be at least 20 to 30 articles in your blog to get AdSense approval. I just don’t agree to any of these.

I got my AdSense approved with just 7 posts! This makes clear that number of posts doesn’t matter but quality of content matters. Write at least 7 good quality posts. Each post should have 700 or more words.

It should be a detailed explanation. Your posts should definitely provide some value to the readers.

4.High Quality Content

  •  Insufficient and unacceptable site contents lead to disapproval!
  • Your content should be unique and original. No copy pastes!
  • Proper Heading & Bullet list
  • Should be Free from Grammar and Spelling mistakes
  • Content should be long enough. (minimum 700 words)
  • It should be useful for the readers. It should be informative.
  • Use at least one H1 headings in every blog posts

5.Blog design

Blog design is something important to be analyzed. It should be simple and easy to navigate.

There should be proper menus (home, about me, contact, Privacy policy). Don’t include unnecessary stuffs in your sidebar.

Your blog /website should load fast. Place a good Author description in your sidebar. This makes your blog appear professional.

6.Email Address

Always keep in mind to use the same email id in AdSense as well as in WordPress. This helps to reduce complications and confirm your authority.

7.Privacy Policy

Adding a Privacy policy page is a must. You can write your own or there are so many online privacy policy generators.

In word press I use a plugin called Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Here you can enter your blog details, copy the code and place it in the privacy policy page.

This signifies that the content you provide is not a scam and you are into serious business.

Create a Good about me page with your detailed information and a contact page with your email address. So that people would be able to connect to you and build trust in you.

8.Check Your Content Type

Avoid the following types of content in your page, these type of content in your blog will never get AdSense approved:

  • Pornography
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or cracking tutorials
  • Illegal stuffs, illegal drugs.

And also, one more thing to be noted, there are a list of languages that are supported by AdSense, so make sure your blog language is on the list.

9.Check whether your site is indexed

Sometimes your site may be blocked or not indexed. Type “site:” on google. If you find your blog, then its indexed and not blocked!

10.SEO friendly

Before applying to AdSense make sure your blog or website is seo friendly. In WordPress you can install plugin yoast seo .This helps search engine optimization easy.

Optimize your blog posts with meta tags.Link all your social media profiles to your blog. This increases your genuinity.

11.Website Traffic

Heard lot of people saying that we need good website traffic to get AdSense approval. This is false in my case. My blog was just 4 weeks old at the time of approval with small traffic.

So, I believe content matters and not traffic. One thing to be noted that google doesn’t accept sites that get traffic from illegal sources or paid ones.

So always prefer to focus on getting traffic from social medias, search engines and related blogs


Always make sure that your blog or website is easily navigable.  For this you need to install sitemap to your blog. A site map is a file that contains all the pages and menus in your blog.

This is to provide google the organization and arrangement of your blog contents. This helps to increase visibility in search results. This also helps crawlers, they read this file to intelligently crawl your site.

You can generate xml site map by installing Yoast Seo plugin in WordPress blog.  In other html sites/blogs, you can use xml sitemap generators, online.

13.Age should be 18+ 

Many Young bloggers are now very active. Blogging is a passion. But in order to get AdSense approved, you should be 18 +

14. Images

Always keep in mind not to use any images from google. Make your own image using canva , Photoshop or any other software’s. Google images may be subject to copy right. If you use google images, you will not get ad sense approval.

15.Hope for the Best

Never Lose hope. Sometimes you may not get approved the first time. Try again and again correcting your faults! There are cases where AdSense got approved on the 13th try. Stay Positive. Stay inspired.


I hope you got a clear idea of what all things needed to be done before applying to AdSense. If you have any doubts or if you know some other tricks, comment below.








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