Facebook Removes Trending Section!

Facebook Removes Trending Section!

Facebook is one the leading social network platform with almost 2.1 billion monthly active users!  A new update has been noticed today. Facebook is removing the Trending section and is now under a change of adding some amazing stuffs to keep us informed of the events and news around the Facebook community.


Trending section has come into existence in 2014. Research found that trending news section accounted less than 1.5% clicks to the publishers. This implies that this section is very less useful to the people and majority people ignore that section as people are more inclined towards visuals rather than links. And one more thing to be noted that this trending section was available only on 5 countries.

 Facebook is preparing for a change, adding few amazing features. They noticed a change in people’s behavioral pattern. Now a day’s people watch news in mobile and are more attracted to videos. Visuals creates much more impact than texts, right?  News videos gets the maximum attention than links! The news says that, Facebook removes trending section as well as product & third-party integration that relay on the trends API.

Some of the new features they are planning to add includes:

Breaking news label: To let the publishers place a ‘breaking news label’ in the posts in news feeds and also include breaking news notification!

Today in: Facebook plans to add a ‘today in’ section. This section allows people to connect with news from local publishers and local organizations. This helps to people to be aware of the events nearby.

News video in watch: Another new section to be added in US, where people could view daily news briefings and live coverage.

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