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Digital Marketing consultant in Kerala

Hai,I am Arathy Gopalakrishnan, Google certified Digital marketer and the founder of this blog . This blog is created to share with you all my knowledge on IT and Management areas. To tell about myself, I am from India .I qualified masters in technology from Calicut university and digital marketing from Chennai. I currently work as digital marketing consultant in kerala/UAE specialized  in social media marketing with proven experience and 100% guaranteed results.  I also takes freelance works from India and UAE.


Soon after my studies I started working as assistant professor in Thodupuzha engineering college for almost 2 years. It was my hubby who inspired me , who changed  my views and then everything changed for the better . I understood that the marks I scored couldn’t create any impact in my life. Regular routines without learning and knowing nothing  was something monotonous. Then I started exploring myself. What all can I do?, I thought. Whats that stuff I love the most?. Did I showed the passion and commitment to my work?. Unfortunately I had to say No. Finally I decided to quit my job and move to Chennai. I did few practical training sessions on some topics which I am really interested and passionate about, and then joined an IT company . Still I am in the process of learning and exploring. I believe Knowledge is never ending because each and everyday I get to know about new things which I am not familiar with till yesterday. My dad always says that whatever the field you choose to work, try to be an expert in that. His words ignited the fire in me.I love seriously learning few stuffs in detail which I am passionate about. My leisure time hobbies are interior designing ,drawings and other designing stuffs which i will be be sharing with you all. This blog will be all about IT , technical stuffs related to software’s ,few management topics and some beautiful tips on interior designing.


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