MI Smart Band 4: A simple and smart fitness tracker.


A Simple and Smart Fitness Tracker : MI SMART BAND 4 REVIEW

Introducing New MI Smart Band 4 with 30 + amazing features combined into one. This is a superb upgraded one which not only checks your health, track fitness but also plays a very important role in improving your life style.

Smart Band MI 4

  • You can View messages instantly
  • Call/display/rejection is done easily
  • Vibrating Alarm
  • App notifications
  • Real time activity tracker
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Idle alert tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • GPS
  • Event reminder and phone locator
  • Unlock your phone and so many  Options

This smart band  has 6 different workout modes. Each and every of your activities is tracked and recorded with data reports so that you can study, analyze yourself on improving your regimen and lifestyle.

These modes include activities like pool swimming, outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, exercise and walking.

Amazon MI smart band 4| Arathy Gopalakrishnan



  • Water resistant at a distance up to 30 m. Sturdy 5 ATM waterproof built. It’s now very comfortable to take this band for a swim which enables auto detection of swim styles. In pool swimming, smart band can track the distance covered, laps taken and strokes.
  • Full touch color rich AMOLED Display which helps to read thing crystal clear with adjustable brightness. You can change as per your wish.
  • There is Music control on the band where you can change the song, increase/decrease the volume without touching your mobile phone
  • Stress free workout and no tension regarding the charging process with a battery life which last up to 20 days.
  • You can now Sport your style with unlimited watch faces depending on your current mood. Just take a new photo or you can opt any photo in the gallery as your watch face.
  • Improve your walking efficiency by knowing your heart rate, pace intensity and calories burned. This also tracks GPS.
  • Daily health tracking features including 24/7 heart monitoring (alerts to warn you when your heart rates go high), idle alert, sleep tracker (accurate, light and deep sleep monitoring) and more.
  • Wrist band alarm to gently wake you up in the morning with a light vibration so that you are not hurried to start your day.
  • You can now note and get all the data reports so that you can use it to improve your routine using MI Fit App.
  • Optimize your workout whether you are doing a mountain climb or just dashing around the city.
  • With the smart band on your wrist, its wide screen makes you very easy to receive text messages, silence or reject calls and even get social media notifications instantly without touching your mobile phone.

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