geofencing and facebook ads
geofencing and facebook ads

What Is Geofencing? Your [Guide] To Location-Based Marketing|2020

What Is Geofencing? Your [Guide] To Location-Based Marketing|2020


This article is all about Geofencing in facebook and location based marketing.We, digital marketers often do Facebook campaigns for leads , reach , engagements and conversions . right? So which factor do you give more importance ? Audience , Location, Interests and budget!.

So here I’m going to talk about location based marketing . Every Business needs different marketing ideas and the location selection plays  a very important role .

geofencing facebook
geofencing facebook

To begin with you can opt people living in this location/ people recently in this location /people travelling in this location .

Suppose you are running a restaurant and you decide to do marketing for your business, the first thing you should focus is your local audience. These are the people living in or travelling near your restaurant . So in this case focusing on an entire city or town isn’t the right solution . Here we opt Geo Fencing ads.

Geo fencing  is a polygonal selection of  the coverage area using the postal code or address and manually you could adjust the coverage radius to 1km or 2 or more as per your choice.

geofencing facebook

Geofencing facebook

Go to browse and opt saved locations. Select create list and there you can find many choices like region , postal codes, address etc . So I wish to choose  3 km radios surrounding my restaurant.

Example taken is beach orchid restaurant.

Address :Pallithottam-Beach Rd, Pallithottam, Thamarakulam, Kollam, Kerala.

postal code : 691006

Either you can choose address and select your area or you can use postal code to select your area. Here i’m taking postal code for example.

geofencing facebook
geofencing facebook

Select your country , enter the postal code and click match locations.and finally add location to your list . Here we go! your area that comes under the postal code is selected . See the picture below:

geofencing facebook
geofencing facebook

Now you can select by using the drop pin option seen within the map . Click on to the near by areas of the selected location and set the radius, so you can add those audience too.

geofencing facebook
geofencing facebook

Hence we have selected the adjacent area and set our radius to 1km. Suppose I wish to exclude a small portion in the selected area I can use exclude option and then drop pin.

geofencing facebook
geofencing facebook

So here the selected area in red is excluded. Only the audience in blue is our targeted audience. This is just an example to show the include and exclude options. Here we can see the estimated reach, audience size and post engagements.

In geofencing method, the budget always remains the same only location targeting varies. Now,

why to use Geo fencing in your ads?

  • To select the specific audience near your building. So those people can view your ads.
  • To select your competitors area so you can get people who is really interested in your products/service
  • To select some events or gatherings in your area so that the crowd  can view the ads and this sometimes can help your business.


Advantages of Geo Fencing Method

  • Minimize budget and get maximum potential reach
  • Avoid unnecessary impressions
  • Well defined Audience

Note : This type of location marketing only helps few category of Business and not for all!.


I hope you got an idea of Geofencing in Facebook and how to implement it. Please Comment your suggestions/doubts below.






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