How to increase Instagram followers
How to increase Instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers [2020]

How to get followers on instagram fast

Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression as a fun app for kids and has become a serious content marketing,selling, networking and audience building tool for individuals and brands.

It’s one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, with over 200 million active monthly members sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day!

In this article I will share few tips to  increase your real Instagram followers quickly. This is something which I did for myself and it worked.


Content matters!. Instagram is full of colorful pictures, quotes and short videos. Post attractive images with good clarity.  Description is very important. Brands always follows good story telling description patterns .Example :Dove

how to increase Instagram followers
how to increase Instagram followers


You can create your own dedicated hash tag and use it outside of other social media platforms like in billboards, receipts and other advertising posts. This helps in creating brand awareness.

how to increase Instagram followers

Use relevant hash tags that matches with your content. .Don’t opt hash tags with over popularity  as it never shows up your post for some time. Choose hashtags which have enough members but not too popular. Adding Up to 30 hash tags is possible but 9-10 gives the best reach . Hash tags can be added both in posts and  stories.


Update your stories section daily with mentions , tags and questions which can help you to interact with your audience. This really helps to increase your followers.


  • Convert your profile to business profile
  • Link it with Facebook
  • Add a short, impressive bio including the location details
  • Add a clickable link to your bio where you wish to get traffic. You can  update the link every week to your most popular content you wish to promote
  • Create  Highlights which helps your profile look structured. Highlights can be like the different categories of services/events or anything related to your business. Each photos you post to stories can be added to these categories, so people can easily go through and understand your business.

Example of such a profile :

how to increase Instagram followers
how to increase Instagram followers


It doesn’t mean that you should post daily . 3 Post per week is fine .  Peak times also is very important . The time you post is proportional to the reach you get. Find out the appropriate peak time which gets you the best reach.

FEATURED ACCOUNTS & collaboration

There are so many featured accounts which we call influencers. Find out the best featured accounts for your business and collaborate with them . Always choose location specific featured accounts if your business is local . These featured accounts has a great number of followers, so once they feature your products/services in their profiles, you will get a very good reach.

Example of a featured account is given below:

how to increase Instagram followers
how to increase Instagram followers

This is a featured accounts for books . They are using a dedicated hash tag #mybookfeatures to get featured.


Conduct some Special Offers, contests or give away’ss once in a while that helps you to increase post engagements and followers.  Example :



If your business is focused only on a particular place, then use few location specific hash tags . Suppose you are running a cafe in dubai ,  #fooddubai #eatdubai #cafedubai  etc can be added so that your followers will be from that particular location and this  indirectly will helps to grow your business.


Too much marketing irritates people . Sometimes this makes your followers bored . You can include some motivational quotes, or tips or some real events or current issues or anything  that provides a value to your followers.

Use color theme ideas

Using good color theme ideas according to the type of your business helps your profile looks attractive and this helps to grow followers

how to increase Instagram followers
how to increase Instagram followers

To know more about the color themes and ideas click here


Share your Instagram profile in other social media platforms. So your friends can reach out to you easily


I hope this article helps you. Comment your ideas and suggestions below. These are the real methods that I used to promote my page and it worked . So this will definitely work for you.

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